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The start-up bringing Māori and Pasifika stories to life with a bit of light and magic

1 year ago

Simon Pound speaks with Vaka Interactiv CEO and co-founder Jesse Armstrong on The Spinoff's Business is Boring podcast, about changing the way that stories – especially Māori and Pasifika stories – are told in museums, art and business. In a half hour chat Jesse talks about how he co-founded their company, Vaka Interactive; landed on the idea for pictures that talk to you; got into Te Papa’s cultural idea accelerator; and ended up making a piece of technology that would fit right into a Harry Potter movie.

Watch: In May, the Techweek team interviewed Jesse Armstrong in this Techweek TV session on digging deep to tell brand stories and supporting the New Zealand tech and business ecosystem.

The idea behind Vaka Interactiv traces back to a visit to a museum and a realisation that although museums have come a long way, a lot of what goes on is still quite passive: an exhibit and maybe a little bit of text to explain it. Armstrong thought, ‘Imagine if these things could tell you, really tell you, all their stories, and what if you could ask them questions?’ And then they found a way to make it happen.

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