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PICMI wins 3 innovation awards at Fieldays

10 months ago

The quality of entries at this year's Fieldays was so high, innovation awards judges said it was difficult to make their decisions. One entrant stood out from the crowd – PICMI, founded by Genevieve Griffin-George.

PICMI removes the need for paperwork when hiring staff by enabling employers to personalise and manage their on-boarding process on the go. The solution addresses a major workforce issue in the agricultural industry and helps employers save time and money, as well as acting as an intermediary between employee and employer.  Griffin-George was a participant in ecentre’s Sprint Global 2019 programme.

PICMI was the winner in the following categories in the Fieldays 2019 Innovation Awards:

• Fieldays Grassroots Prototype Award 

• Vodafone Innovation Technology Award 

• James & Wells Innovation Award 



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