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If necessity is the mother of invention, it’s no surprise that world-changing ideas are born in new zealand.


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  • What is

    Upstarters was created to help everyone in the New Zealand tech sector get on the same page when taking their ingenious ideas offshore. The truth is, New Zealand produces inspiring tech businesses and individuals across many disciplines, but what ties us together within our fastest growing sector is not purely what we do, but the way we do it. Our unique place in the world has created a unique approach to doing business — one that sets us apart. We are UpStarters, and together we can do amazing things...

  • How can it help you?
    And why?

    UpStarters can enhance your export efforts by helping you to articulate your point of difference as a New Zealand tech business — because why go it alone when we could do it together? Our global reputation as an innovative country is growing, this is simply an opportunity to leverage it to benefit your business, and New Zealand’s economy. It’s a win win situation. Use Upstarters as a tool to take your tech to the world, and feel the gathering momentum of the whole country behind you.

  • How can I
    use Upstarters?

    There are two ways to use UpStarters to benefit your business.

    Use the proof points, infographics, data, images and video we’ve collected to strengthen your innovation story — in pitch decks, on your social media channels, in whatever form you like. These tools can all be found on the NZStory toolkit in the Technology section, which you can access for free.

    NZ Story Toolkit
  • How can I
    use Upstarters?

    There are two ways to use UpStarters to benefit your business.

    This platform is a promotional hub for New Zealand technology stories that have global potential and are poised to make an impact. Do you have a story you’d like to share? Send it to the UpStarters team and we’ll do what we can to bolster your promotional activities with our own.

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